3D-Printed Clear Aligners

Comfortable orthodontic option

Enhance your confidence with a straighter smile tailored to your lifestyle, thanks to custom 3D-printed clear aligners.

3D printed clear aligners
3D-printed clear aligners

3D-Printed Clear Aligners

Comfortable orthodontic option

Enhance your confidence with a straighter smile tailored to your lifestyle, thanks to custom 3D-printed clear aligners.

3D-printed clear aligners

With the latest advances in 3D printing technology, it is now more comfortable and convenient than ever to straighten teeth and correct many bite issues in a discreet manner. This is done with a series of custom-made, transparent aligners, which gently and predictably adjust teeth positions over time.

Clear aligners differ from traditional metal braces in their discreet style, impressive comfort and unparalleled convenience. Nearly invisible, they go largely unnoticed by all but the wearer. Made of smooth plastic, they are quite comfortable on the tongue and cheeks. Furthermore, since they are completely removable, their wearers can enjoy normal diets and maintain oral hygiene with ease.

3D-printed clear aligners

Orthodontic issues that clear aligners can treat

Common orthodontic problems can be effectively treated with clear aligners, including:

3D Printed clear aligner orthodontic issues

Open bite: An open bite occurs when there is a gap between your upper and lower front teeth when you bite down. Clear aligners can help close this gap and improve your bite.

Crooked teeth: Misaligned teeth, which may be rotated or tilted, can be effectively straightened with clear aligners.

Crowded teeth: If your teeth are crowded or overlapping, clear aligners can create more space in your jaw to properly align them.

Gaps between teeth: Clear aligners can close gaps between teeth, also known as diastemas, to create a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Overbite: When your upper teeth protrude significantly over your lower teeth, this is called an overbite. It can be treated by clear aligners, which can gradually move your upper teeth back to a more aligned position.

Crossbite: A crossbite is like a partial underbite, affecting only a number of teeth. In this situation, some upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. Clear aligners can effectively correct minor crossbites.

Underbite: An underbite occurs when your lower teeth protrude in front of your upper teeth. Mild to moderate underbites are treatable with clear aligners.

In general, clear aligners are most effective for mild to moderate orthodontic cases. For more complex issues like severe malocclusions or intricate tooth movements, traditional braces may be the optimal choice.

Digital workflow for 3D-printed clear aligners

Digital impressions

We use advanced intraoral scanners to capture precise digital impressions of your teeth. These digital impressions are then used to create detailed 3D models of your current tooth alignment.

3D Printed clear aligner digital impression

Treatment planning

We use digital 3D modelling software to plan the step-by-step movement of your teeth. This digital treatment plan outlines the progression of your teeth from their current positions to their places in the desired final alignment.

3D Printed clear aligner model

Fabrication option 1:

Direct 3D printing of customised clear aligners

3D printing clear aligners

Your clear aligner design will be sent to our on-site 3D printer. Using a clear and biocompatible medical-grade resin material suitable for aligners, your custom aligners will be printed in a layer-by-layer additive manufacturing process.


Support structures, which are only needed during the printing process, will then be removed and your 3D-printed aligners will be meticulously polished to ensure a smooth finish. In order to confirm your aligners have been produced correctly, we then verify their accuracy against your custom digital treatment plan.

Fabrication option 2:

Thermoforming clear aligners using 3D-printed models

3D printing models

In order to accurately show your expected results in physical form, or to create models needed for other purposes, models of your teeth may be 3D-printed. After printing these, we meticulously wash, dry, inspect and post-cure the models, as well as remove any supports from the printing process.

Vacuum thermoforming

Vacuum thermoforming is another method used to create clear aligners. In this process, we carefully heat a clear plastic sheet (e.g. polyethylene terephthalate glycol or PETG), until it becomes pliable. Using a dental vacuum thermoforming device, we conform the pliable plastic to a precise model of your teeth, which after post-processing becomes your highly accurate aligners.

After forming, we precisely trim and finish the aligners, ensuring they meet the highest standards for both comfort and effectiveness.

3D printed clear aligners 3d scanner monitor
3D printed clear aligners
3D printed clear aligners 3d scanner monitor
3D printed clear aligners

Patient treatment and follow-up

Once ready, you will pick-up your personalised series of 3D-printed clear aligners based on your treatment plan.

We will schedule regular check-ups to closely monitor the progress of your treatment. If necessary, we will make adjustments to your treatment plan based on your unique response.

Once your desired tooth alignment is achieved, we may recommend and provide you with retainers for the retention phase.

Benefits of 3D-printed clear aligners

Aesthetic appeal: Clear aligners are virtually invisible, providing you with a discreet option if you’re self-conscious about wearing traditional metal braces.

Comfort: Customised clear aligners are designed for comfort, made from smooth and gentle materials to minimise potential irritation to your cheeks and gums.

Removability: With clear aligners, you have the flexibility to remove them for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. This feature also allows you to enjoy your favorite sports or play musical instruments.

Improved oral hygiene: Since clear aligners are removable, you can maintain your regular oral hygiene routine without the challenges posed by traditional braces.

No dietary restrictions: Enjoy a wide range of foods without restrictions. Removable clear aligners eliminate concerns about damaging orthodontic appliances during meals.

Predictable treatment planning: We use advanced digital design software to create a detailed digital model of your teeth. This ensures precise treatment planning and accurate predictions of your treatment outcome.

Customisation: Your clear aligners are custom-made based on your unique treatment plan, enhancing the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment.

Minimised appointments: Experience the convenience of fewer dental visits. Our remote monitoring capabilities and the ability to provide multiple sets of aligners in advance contribute to this benefit.

Comfortable progression: Our clear aligners are designed to be changed every 1-2 weeks, allowing for a comfortable progression as your teeth gradually shift into their desired positions.

The suitability of clear aligners depends on your unique orthodontic needs, and our team of qualified professionals is here to guide you through the process.

Comfortable, aesthetic & effective orthodontic care

Looking forward, as dental technologies continue to advance, the production of clear aligners is set to become faster, more precise and even more effective. This progression will allow us to provide top-tier orthodontic care that is not only more accessible but also highly convenient for our patients. With ongoing improvements in 3D printing, we’re committed to refining our orthodontic solutions, ensuring they are perfectly customised to deliver the smile you love.

3D-printed clear aligners
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