3D-Printed Night Guards

Guard your smile while you sleep

Prevent sore jaws and worn teeth with flexible, comfortable & custom-fitted protective solutions

3D-Printed Night Guards

Guard your smile while you sleep

Prevent sore jaws and worn teeth with flexible, comfortable & custom-fitted protective solutions

3D-printed night guards

Some of us — certainly not on purpose — grind our teeth or clench our jaws as we sleep. It’s an unconscious habit that is difficult to modify on our own, and it degrades the quality of our rest and the surfaces of our teeth. It can also give us muscle tension and severe headaches!

At Dental Paradiso, we offer 3D-printed night guards – customised oral devices designed to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism. Customisation is key to creating an effective night guard, so we use an advanced intraoral scanner, digital design and 3D printing technology to provide a precisely tailored fit for your unique dental structure.

3D-Printed Night Guards

Why may you need night guards?

A night guard can be necessary for several reasons, primarily associated with protecting your teeth and overall oral health. Here is what you can gain from a night guard, not just for night time teeth grinding as mentioned, but also a range of other conditions:

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding): Protects teeth from wear and fractures.

  • Clenching: Alleviates jaw pressure and discomfort.
  • TMJ disorders: Reduces TMJ-related symptoms.
    • Tooth sensitivity: Cushions teeth and prevents direct contact.

  • Preserving dental work: Shields restorations from damage.
    • Preventing headaches: Reduces tension headache frequency.
    • Facial pain and fatigue: Eases muscle discomfort.
    • Improving sleep quality: Minimises disruptions from grinding.
    • Orthodontic reasons: Protects teeth and aligners during sleep.
    • Preventing damage to existing dental work: Safeguards dental appliances and restorations.

    How 3D-printed night guards are made


    We begin the process with a consultation between you and one of our experienced dentists. During this meeting, we assess your oral health, discuss the need for a night guard and explain the benefits of using a custom-fitted 3D-printed night guard.

    Digital impression

    Instead of using traditional moulds, we take digital impressions using our intraoral scanners. These scanners create a precise 3D digital model of your teeth and oral structures, offering you a more comfortable and accurate experience.

    dental scanning

    Digital design

    Using your digital impression, we design your night guard with specialised 3D modelling software, considering your unique needs and our professional recommendations.

    3D printing

    Your personalised design is sent to our 3D printer, which carefully fabricates your night guard layer by layer. We use quality, clear materials (e.g. biocompatible resins) for optimal comfort and durability.


    After 3D printing, we may perform post-processing steps to enhance the surface finish and ensure an optimal fit. This can include polishing, smoothing or additional curing processes, depending on the material used.

    Quality check

    We conduct a thorough quality check to ensure that your 3D-printed night guard meets our strict standards. We inspect the fit, surface finish and overall structural integrity to guarantee your satisfaction.

    Fitting and adjustment

    You return for a fitting session, where we assess the fit of your 3D-printed night guard and make any necessary adjustments to ensure utmost comfort and effectiveness. We take care of any minor modifications during this step.


    After the fitting and adjustment, we schedule a follow-up appointment to check how you are adapting to the night guard. This allows us to address any concerns or issues you may have, ensuring your continued satisfaction.

    Patient education

    We provide you with valuable information on how to use and care for your 3D-printed night guard properly. This includes instructions on cleaning, storage and other relevant details to ensure the longevity of your appliance.

    Advantages of 3D-printed night guards

    Precision and customisation

    At Dental Paradiso, we leverage 3D printing technology to create night guards with exceptional precision and customisation. This means we can tailor the design to your unique dental anatomy, ensuring a night guard that fits you perfectly for full comfort and effectiveness.

    Digital design accuracy

    Our digital design process eliminates the possibility of human errors seen in traditional methods. With computer-aided design, we ensure an accurate representation of your dental structure, resulting in an effective and precise night guard made for your needs.

    3D-Printed Night Guards

    Quick turnaround time

    With our 3D printing technology, we’re able to offer a quick turnaround time from the moment your digital design is finalised. This means you can receive your personalised night guard faster, providing you with the protection you need in a timely manner.

    Non-invasive scanning

    Our non-invasive scanning process ensures your comfort during the creation of the night guard. We use digital scans of your teeth instead of traditional moulds, making the process more comfortable, especially for those with a sensitive gag reflex.

    Digital file storage

    We store digital files of your night guard design for easy access and reference. This not only facilitates efficient communication between our dental professionals but also allows for quick adjustments or replacements if needed in the future.


    Our 3D-printed night guards are made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear associated with nighttime teeth grinding or clenching. This ensures the longevity of your night guard, providing you with lasting protection.

    Improved comfort

    Our commitment to customisation based on digital designs means your night guard is not only effective but also comfortable to wear. We understand the importance of comfort in promoting consistent use, and we strive to provide you with a night guard that meets this criterion.

    Enhanced hygiene

    We prioritise your oral health by utilising 3D printing to create night guards with smooth, seamless surfaces. This reduces the likelihood of bacterial buildup and ensures that the materials used are easy to clean, contributing to your overall oral hygiene.

    Preserve your smile through the night

    Rest easy as our 3D-printed night guards shield your teeth and jaw from the detrimental effects of teeth grinding and clenching. Precisely designed for a comfortable fit, these guards ensure optimal protection throughout the night. Be proactive in preserving your oral health by investing in advanced 3D-printed protective solutions with Dental Paradiso today.

    Experience the tranquillity of a restful night’s sleep and delight in waking up to a confident, beautiful smile. Call our helpful staff on (08) 6186 6225 for enquiries.

    3D-Printed Night Guards
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